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The Lodestone Updated (Nov. 27)

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Actions Taken Against In-Game RMT & Other Illicit Activities (Nov. 28)

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Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XVIII -UPDATE-

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Software Token Version Update (Nov. 27)

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Software Token Version Update (Nov. 27)

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Lodestone Emergency Maintenance completed (Nov. 27)

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Temporary Halt of Updates to Lodestone Standings Page (Nov. 21): Follow-Up

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The Lodestone Emergency Maintenance (Nov. 27)

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"We cannot make any promises if a system will be implemented that allows 1 Star recipes to be “Quick Synthed” in the future, but based on the increase in stats for crafting classes and the feedback we..."
Forum Topic: Allow Quick Synthing for 1 star mats?

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Collect various "Antique" gear (Six items: Head, body, Hands, Belt, Legs, Feet) from chests in the new "Expert" Dungeons ...
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G:318, P: 274 Sinking Minnow 7:57am Windy Fish bite 3 times total one at 5:41am then 6:53am but got away both time ...
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G:318, P:274 (no food no buff) Crayfish Ball 11:19pm Rain 79th Crayfish ball
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0/12 ------- so unlucky with this damn fish I just got a fish gets away with 406 gathering so he requires even higher ca ...
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Acquired from mining venture XIV
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Yoyobasa is at (14-11)
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Western Thanalan- Crescent Cove Gathering- 348+ Weather- Any Time- 5:00pm-6:00pm Bait- Northern Krill Desynthesis- Aeth ...
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Coerthas Central Highlands- Witchdrop Prerequisite- **Weather must transition from Fair/Sunshine into Blizzard** Gatheri ...
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Purchase from NPC Auriana (22x6y) > Mor Dhona (Revenant's Toll) > Allagan... Soldiery (DoW or DoM) > Other
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Slot 3
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