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Lodestone Issue Recovery (Feb. 27)

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Little Ladies' Day

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"These two lines have been revised to reduce the risk of misinterpretation. As for the rest--come now, you don't really want us to just give you your answers, do you? Not when there are so many other..."
Forum Topic: Austerities of Wind

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"Oh, it's quite possible that Atomos is feeding its avatars ethers, replenishing their MP so that... What? Not buying it? Hmmm...very well. But that Cerberus thing, that's absolutely intentional!..."
Forum Topic: Atomos Prime event text error

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"If only Thal would weigh my worth in the words I've written, or the typos I've corrected. In any case, fixing this mistake shall provide some satisfaction in this life, even if it earns me nothing in..."
Forum Topic: Vista Record 057

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"Greetings. I wanted to pop in to clear up some confusion about how a lot of in-game terminology is conceived. It is often (understandably) believed that localization has little to do with the game..."
Forum Topic: Various english titles..

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"The purpose of this forum is to provide a place for players to discuss all aspects of the Manderville Gold Saucer! Please take time to read the following rules and the FINAL FANTASY XIV Forum..."
Forum Topic: Welcome to Forum: Gold Saucer!

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"Greetings Bellandy! I could just say, HEY! THANKS! FIXED! But I thought people not privy to the secrets of large-scale MMO game development might want to know how a bug like this may have found..."
Forum Topic: Gold Saucer - Chocobo Interface Typo

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It's in gold packs. It took somebody four gold packs to get this card.
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@splatomat Yes. Pos is 25, 40. Teleport to forgotten springs.
Riddley Aensland (Excalibur)    16hrs 11mins ago. view comment
Can be won from Marcette (Central Shroud 16,18)
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Only sells for 10 MGP, not worth farming. Also the Trial is called the Dragon's Neck; and it is part of the Hildibrand ...
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Dropped from the Dragon's Neck Trial.
Riddley Aensland (Excalibur)    16hrs 55mins ago. view comment
Can be won from Joellaut (Coerthas Central Highlands 13,15)
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