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Important reminder for Square Enix Software Token users upgrading to a new phone! http://sqex.to/zI8 

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London Fan Festival: The website has been has been updated with new info on activities, contests and more! http://ffxiv-fanfest.com/eu/uk/ 

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Known Issues With the Lodestone Using iOS 8 (Sep. 19)

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Bahamut World Emergency Maintenance (Sep. 19)

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FFXIV: ARR Fan Kit, TGS 2014 Edition - Part 2

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During the Tokyo Game Show, we'll be releasing new wallpapers for fans to enjoy! http://sqex.to/sPJ  pic.twitter.com/Qw9obz4AN1

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Las Vegas Fan Festival: The Art and Costume Contests are live! Submit your entries today! http://ffxiv-fanfest.com/na/ 

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We've updated the Cactuar Lottery 2.0 winner thread! That's all the winners from the first day, with more to come! http://sqex.to/Hca 

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All Worlds Emergency Maintenance (Sep. 18): Completion Time Change

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn Updated (Sep. 18)

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Kira Miharu (Balmung)    1hrs 2mins ago. view comment
The correct location is Upper La Noscea (14-24)
Mysterious Adventurer!    1hrs 58mins ago. view comment
Klasse die Infos. Und wie schalt ich das jetz frei? Great those infos. So how do I unlock it?
Lynnea Krayth (Ragnarok)    9hrs 9mins ago. view comment
Laughing Toads no longer spawn in Parata's Peace.
Lynnea Krayth (Ragnarok)    9hrs 10mins ago. view comment
These no longer spawn here.
Evian Everdeen (Midgardsormr)    13hrs 23mins ago. view comment
Attributes: 383g, 300p Bait: Northern Krill (straight catch) Location: Western Thanalan (x7, y13). Teleport to Horiz ...
Ihriel Ethael (Cerberus)    13hrs 56mins ago. view comment
@EtKule Look more, i got it on Blacksmith expert. And i also bought only one book so i can tell it's the one purchase fo ...
Mysterious Adventurer!    14hrs 23mins ago. view comment
@EtKule Purchase from http://xivdb.com/?npc/1006972/Talan in Mor Dhona
Lhuna Palazzo (Cactuar)    23hrs 19mins ago. view comment
Mysterious Adventurer!    23hrs 34mins ago. view comment
Disponible dans les Grandes Compagnie pour 48.000 Sceaux
Lhuna Palazzo (Cactuar)    23hrs 47mins ago. view comment
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